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At 4:13pm on May 18, 2012, Priscilla Collins said…
Thanks. I have truly enjoyed all of the information on this blog. Truly inspirational
At 12:26pm on May 19, 2012, Freeman Raymond said…

Thanks Blessing in the Name of our Lord

At 9:20am on May 26, 2012, thomas chappell williams said…

Thank you!   .. And thank you for you're doing with your website.

At 8:47pm on May 27, 2012, Osie HaLevi said…

Beloved Eemah, know that Yahuwah is smiling upon you on this day.  His message to you is to trust Him with all that is within you.  Do not listen to nay sayers who may come to keep you from all that He has in store for you. Trust that your name is the Name He weaved for your crown. You are His Delight.  Move according to the Spirit within you and be sure to close your ears to all who speak against you.  Yahuwah speaks full restoration over your life, your health, your finances, your freedom and your soul. Trust Him my beloved Eemah. Just Trust no man but only the voice of Yahuwah, a voice He says you know well.  shalom

At 10:10pm on August 17, 2012, Linda Martinez said…

Thank you for the lovely Welcome.

At 12:20pm on December 29, 2012, Serayah Yisrael said…

At 12:14pm on July 28, 2013, Eemah Khephzybah said…

At 3:17pm on November 3, 2013, derek forbes said…
Todah Achoti!
At 5:07pm on January 14, 2014, Beth Davis said…

Good afternoon lovely, I fill so honored to know such beautiful, strong, wise Spirit-filled women.  I will love on all of you with all my heart.

Though none go with me, I still will follow,

Beth Davis

At 8:33pm on August 30, 2014, Antoaneta said…

Why do you divide my God in different religions?

(A Psalm of Antoaneta)

Why do you divide my God
in different religions,
why do you call Him with a name
He does not know,
why do you lie about Him
and send words in your name?

Why do you divide the nations,
why do you start such wars
to seduce the simple
and make the brother hate his brother,
a sister her own sister,
a father his son
and a mother her daughter?

Why O reached men exult yourselves
above the throne of God,
calling Him a liar,
by rejecting His sacrifice,
by denying the truth
that He send His Son Jesus Christ
to make You His
through His precious blood?

Why O reached men,
why do you dissect His Love
and placing colors on your faces saying
that some are black and some are white?

I wish the world
never came to manifest at times,
so I may never see the pain
across the starving
for truth, and love and peace ,
dying in agony nations,
I wish at times I was never born
to see the day when all of us
create calamities,
walking astray from the Only God
who have us all,
so we may come as One in Him
and be together One
and no one to divide us with words
coming from the tongues of serpents
who confess that they are God's,
yet they speak death to their nations...

The greatest pain is to see the God of Peace
crying over His creations,
the greatest pain is to look upon His face
and know that many,
so may will chose death before Life,
many will chose darkness before Light,
many will return back to the dust
never to be remembered,
condemning themselves
to eternal separation
from the Holy Father of all souls.

Awake O men,
awake and come out from the graves
your ancestors had berried you,
because they chose curses
before God's blessings.

To Live is to Love and to Love is to give,
all that you have.

But what do you have to offer,
lies and wisdom coming from beneath,
what do you have to give
to those who come after you?

You give them riches they can see,
and not the riches which will never perish.

Why die praying to idols
who will live you nameless,
homeless, loveless,
hungry till the last breath
the God of gods
places in your lungs to breathe!

and bow you knees
before the Lord of lords
and receive His salvation,
for He the Christ is Life,
Life for you and
all who will receive
your words of truth,
if you come to Him..

Why die and perish,
why suffer
while living in the world of sorrow,
not knowing
what tomorrow
brings for you
and those you love the most?

Come out from darkness
and be reconciled with God,
through His Son Jesus Christ
and Live in Him forever!

Why do you divide my God in different religions?

Why do you separate yourselves from Him,
the Only God who send His Son to save us?

At 3:59pm on August 10, 2015, HadassahNechustaBatYahShekhinah said…

I would like to get in touch with you by phone.  My number is 330-312-9220.  My Hebrew name is Hadassah Nechushta bat Yah Shekhinah

At 10:21am on March 17, 2016, OKWUONU AFUAMANUKA said…




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