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Post written by: Emmanuel Olaechea

Subject: Here is an explanation of Sukkot

Hi Everyone,

Here is an explanation of Sukkot:

This seven-day holiday follows Yom Kippur. Each of the seven days connects to one of the seven dimensions (Sefirot) that directly influence our reality. During the connection of Sukkot, we receive what Kabbalists call Surrounding Light and Inner Light for the entire year to come. Surrounding Light helps us from the outside to expand our spiritual potential for the coming year. Inner Light protects our innate Light from inside, while also pushing us to expand our vessel so that we can hold more surrounding Light.


The Aramaic term for “guests” refer to the spiritual guests who are invited into the Sukkah every day. Each day a different guest arrives, with the other six following, one of the “Seven Shepherds of Israel” coinciding with the seven days of Sukkot.

Every day of Sukkot has a special spiritual focus which is represented by the guest of that day. A special prayer is said each day welcoming the day’s guest. So who are these Guests?

Abraham – our first Patriarch

Symbolizes Chesed – Benevolence.

Isaac - our second Patriarch

Symbolized Gevurah – Restraint or self discipline.

Jacob – our third Patriarch

Symbolized Tiferet – Harmony, beauty and truth.

Moses – the greatest prophet

Symbolized Netzach – Victory and endurance.

Aaron – brother of Moses, the first Kohen Gadol, or High Priest

Symbolized Hod – Splendor and humility.

Joseph – Jacobs most famous son who became King of Egypt

Symbolized Yesod – Foundation

David – King of Israel

Symbolized Malchut – Leadership

Hashanna Rabba | Wed September 29 2010 Last night of Sukkot

All night shadow checking

We check our shadows underneath the moon to make sure our New Year will be a good one. Strange? Kabbalah teaches the blueprint of our entire year can be read in our shadow cast by the moon on this special night. After weeks of preparing our new vessel, we’ve got this last chance to check for any problems that might arise.

We can still fix it, but only on this night. The seal for the New Year is made here.

Chag sameach! Sukkot

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Comment by Mama Wisdom on September 22, 2010 at 7:44am
I loved this teaching and wanted to share with those of you will begin sharing Sukkot with us this week. Eemah K will begin her series this evening with a lesson on Abraham. Be blessed with her Khokhmah!


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