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The below announcement is presented from the :

The Isawiyya Israelite Mosque of Qaraims

by (Amir) Ishaq D. Al-Sulaimani



Shalam,Shalom & Salaam Wa Aleikum,
  In accordance with the Pure Lunar Calendar of the Ancient Israelites, The Isawiyya Israelite Mosque of Qaraims will observe Yawm Kippur on Thursday June the 9th 2011. Yawn Kippur is the only 24 hour fast observed by the Ansars(Islamic-Israelites). In this regard Yawm Kippur will begin at Midnight(June 9th) and will conclude at Midnight June 10th. On the Israelite Synodic Calendar it is listed on the 10th day of the 7th month which is known as Rajab(Gad-Massa). All other fasts are 12 hours(6AM-6PM) in alignment with the measurements of Light as it appears at the equator.                                     


 Jesus answered, Are there not twelve hours in the day? If any man walk in the day, he stumbleth not, because he seeth the light of this world.
   Being that Yawm Kippur is 24 hours as opposed to 12 hours it counts as two Fast Days. The double Fast time of Yawm Kippur is also known as the secret 100th Fast and parallels with the secret 100th name of Yah-Allaha which is the compound name of YAHHAYYAHEWEH.  Amongst the Igbo-Israelites this name is written as CHINEKE. On Yawm Kippur the Shofar(Conch Shell) is blown 8 times and after each blast the name YAHHAYYAHEWEH is shouted. 17 days after Yawm Kippur is the 27th day of the 7th month and it is known as AL-ISRA(WA-MIRAAJ). This date marks the Midnight Journey of the Prophet Muhammad in which he travelled from the Kaba in Mecca to the Holiest site of the Israelites in Jerusalem being the exact location of the former Solomonic Temple.(The event is recorded in the 17th Chapter of the Holy Qaran which is known as Al-Isra and translated as Israelites). There he ascended beyond the 7th heaven an act which purified and cleansed the sanctuary. Starting the day after Yawm Kippur the Ansars observe a 17day fast which connects Yawm Kippur to the Prophet Muhammad's ascension. On the first and last days of Al-Isra the entire Surah(Chapter) 17 entitled Al-Isra(Israelites) is read before the beginning of the 1st Daily Prayer. In addition Ayat(verse) 17:1 is recited immeditely after the Fatihah during each daily prayer in all 17 days. Starting from the day of Yawm Kippur the Ansars count the 7 Weeks(49 days) of SIGD(SEJD). The 7 weeks of Sigd are followed by a 50th day Jubilee celebration. The day after the 50th day celebration begins the Fasting month of Ramadzan. Ramadzan is observed in honor of the receiving of the Holy Qaran. Therefore Sigd is that which connects Yawm Kippur to the giving of the Holy Qaran. During Sigd every seven days the Qaranic Ayat(verse) 48:29 is added to the Daily Bani-Israil prayer readings. This is a verse taken directly from the original Torah and cannot be found anywhere within the "5 Books of Moses". The verse reinforces the importance in understanding  Israelite prostration prayer.


                                    SURAH 48:29 HOLY QARAN(H.Q.)    
' ....You will see them bowing down,prostrating themselves,seeking grace from Allah and pleasure; their marks are in their faces because of the effect of prostration;that is their description in the(original) Torah....'
     When an Israelite Child completes 14 years(7x2) they are considered Baaligh meaning that they are counted as reaching puberty. The Baaligh celebration which is also known as a Bar Mitzvah for males and a Bat Mitzvah for females was traditionally celebrated on the 15th birthday. However the Ansars observed the celebration on the 17th birthday. This was in honor of the Prophet Joseph who was sold into slavery at 17 years of age. It was also done in honor of Abdallah Ibn Salaam who was the first Israelite to accept the Prophet Muhammad upon his glorious entry into Medina. Abdallah Ibn Salaam was a descendant of the Prophet Joseph. However upon completion of 14 years both Israelite males and females are obligated to keep the 14- one day fasts which includes the 12 New Moon Fasts, The Fast of Ashurah(The deliverance from Egypt 10th day of the 1st month) and the Fast of Abraham (12th day of the 12th month) known as Eid Al-Adha.  At 17 years of age Israelite females took on the ONE DAY FAST OF AL-ISRA(27TH DAY OF THE 7TH MONTH)  and the 2 days(24 hours) of Yawm Kippur bringing their total to 17 days.  At 17 years of age the Israelite males were now obligated to ADD  the 17 DAY FAST OF AL-ISRA  and the 2 days(24 hours) of Yawm Kippur. This brought the total number of Fasting days for an Israelite male to 33 days. At the completion of 21 years(7x3) The Israelite male and female were both considered  full grown adults. The female remained responsible for the 17 Fast days mentioned earlier . At the time of his 22nd bithday the Israelite male now added the fast of Ramadzan(30) and the Fast of Moses(40) bringing the total Fast days to 100 days.

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Comment by Mama Wisdom on June 10, 2011 at 4:09pm

this is some fascinating information.  I just do not understand where are these ideals based on?  Are they are explained in the Quran or in the Hadith?  I do not think very many Muslims follow this or do they?

Comment by Eemah Khephzybah on June 10, 2011 at 4:11pm

Sis that is not all,


I got more information today.  Now I do not know the answers to your questions but I will find the answers soon, I hope.. peace and love...


Below is additional information:


<b>      AL-ISRA 
 On Friday June 10th, which on the Israelite Ansaric Calendar is the 11th day of the 7th Month of Rajab(Gad-Massa) the Isawiyya Israelite Mosque of Qaraims will begin its 17 day observance of AL-ISRA. This 17 day observance honors the Prophet Muhammad's ascension beyond the 7th heaven from the Holiest site of the Israelites in Jerusalem. This was the location of the former Solomonic Temple and the current location of the restored Temple known as Beyt Maqdis. The 17 days are that which connects Yawm Kippur to the Prophet Muhammad's ascension and cleansing of the sanctuary. It is also that which distinguishes us as THE CHOSEN REMNANT OF ISRAEL(144,000). All Adult males(22 years & Older) will be fasting from 6AM TO 6PM(12 HOURS) FOR EACH OF THE 17 DAYS. In addition the Ansars refrain from the Mitzvah of putting on MOKA'ABET (TEFILLIN) for the entire 17 days as MOKA'ABET is a daily reminder of the eternal connection between the Kaba in Mecca and Beyt Maqdis(Temple) in Jerusalem which is the essence of the 17 day observance. As a result, the reminder of MOKA'ABET(TEFILLIN) is unnecessary and redundant during the 17 days. During the 17 days of AL-ISRA the 17TH Surah of  the Holy Qaran AL-ISRA(ISRAELITES) is read in its entirety on the first and last day of the 17 day period. 
     Just as AL-ISRA connects Yawm Kippur to the Prophet Muhammad's ascension and the cleansing of the sanctuary, the 7 weeks of SIGD(SEJD) is that which connects Yawm Kippur to the 30 day Fast of Ramadzan and the receiving of the Holy Qaran. Every 7 days starting with Yawm Kippur Qaranic verse (Ayat)  48:29  is added to the Daily Bani-Israel Prayer Readings. This verse is taken directly from the Original Torah of Moses and is not found anywhere in the so-called 5 Books of Moses. In fact the verse is about the importance of prostration prayer(SEJD) and the blessing  associated with its continual and daily practice. This totally negates the Jewish prayer ritual which is not done in accordance with SIGD(SEJD). The Ethiopian Jews are the only Jewish community that observes SIGD(SEJD) and they are also the only Jewish community that correctly prays in a Mosque(Misgad,Masjid). In addition they traditionally observed Prostration Prayers(SIGD).
                                                  SURAH 48:29 HOLY QARAN(H.Q.)  
' ....You will see them bowing down,prostrating themselves,seeking grace from Allah and pleasure; their marks are in their faces because of the effect of prostration;that is their description in the(original) Torah....'



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