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King of Righteousness ~ The Priest Order of Melchizedek



The below lesson was presented by (Amir) Ishaq Al-Sulaimani


The Priest Order of Melchizedek


The Order of Melchizedek refers to the Priest Order of Melchizedek Kings (Kings of Righteousness) This was the oldest monotheistic leadership that was at one time present in all the nations of the world. As the various nations began to rebel against the Lord th...ey revolted against the Melchizedek and appointed their own Kings. Under the authority of the appointed Melchi-Zadok(King of Righteousness) were the Zadokites who were simply the Priests of Righteousness. When the Prophet Moses fled to Midian,he was taught by the High Priest of Midian(Jethro)who was in reality a Midianite King in the Order of Melchizedek. Midian was in Medina. This is why another name for Medina is Yathrib meaning the place of Yathro(Jethro).


When Joseph was in Egypt he married Asnat daughter of the High Priest of On. Asnat's father was a Zadokite Priest and thus Joseph also became a priest in the Zadokite Order. Although the Pharaoh maintained supreme authority Joseph was able to rule Egypt as a MelchiZadok(King of Righteousness) Akhnaten was the Grandson of Joseph(Yuya) and took over Egypt and was both a Pharaoh and a King in the Order of Melchizadok. Acting in the divine decree of the Melchizadok Order Akhnaten attempted to bring Egypt under the rule of Monotheism. Moses was raised in the Order of Akhnaten as an Egyptian Prince he was planted in the Pharaoh's palace with the hope of becoming a Pharaoh in the Order of Melchizadok. When Moses fled Egypt he went into exile under the protection of the King of Midian Jethro who as mentioned earlier was a king in the Order of Melchizadok.



Moses initially planned to return to Egypt with the intent of recruiting the Israelite slaves under his authority in order to revolt against the Pharaoh and take over Egypt by reclaiming the throne of Akhnaten as a Pharoah in the Order of M...alchiZadok. However under the command of the Lord through the divinely decreed guidance of Jethro he decided to bring the Israelites out of Egypt and establish a new independent kingdom under the authority of his rule as a Melchizadok King of Israel. When Jethro heard that Moses was successful in establishing an Israelite Kingdom in the Order of Melchizadok he brought Moses' two sons out of hiding in order that all of Israel would see them as the inheritors of the Melchi-Zadok and Zadokite Priesthoods: Israel was established under the authority of a three priesthood system:


1. The Priest Kings who ruled in the Order of Melchizadok. These were to be the descendants of Moses' son Eliezar from this line came both David and Jesus.


2. The Zadokites being the Priests of Righteousness are descended from Moses son Gershom. The Zadokites taught the people the laws of righteousness.


3. The Kes Priesthood which were the Temple monks and ritual priests who were the descendants Aaron's sons Eliezar who was in charge of all of the Levites.


The Lion was not the symbol of Judah and Judah was not the Kingship.The Lion was one of the symbols of Levi. This is why in Hebrew one of the ways of saying Lion is Lavi. The Judahites were praisers and singers who surrounded the king. In t...his regard the Kings

who were descended from Moses were always associated with the Judah. This is why the Book of Samuel states that :

" King David taught the Judahites the SONG of the Bow as written in the Book of Yashar(SONGS)." The Lemba maintain the original symbol of Judah which was the trumpet blowers meaning the praisers.This manifested into the Elephant of Judah. The Judahites were only associated with the Lion through their attachment to the Levitical Priest Kings. The Lemba priesthood which which tested positive for the Kohen DNA are called Buba which means Judah. The Buba were the ruling leaders of the Lemba and have a strong tradition associating them with Solomon who they call Seremane.However they are also priests and test positive for Kohen Levitical DNA. The Levitical Priests and Priest-Kings were always surrounded by multitudes of Judahites who continuously praised the Lord through Singing and reciting of hymns and praises.



Through this association the King-Priests(Melchi-Zadok) and the Priests(Zadokites) who descended from Levi were referred to as Judah even though they were not descendants of Judah. The Holy Qaran verifies the fact that Jesus was a descendant of the Family of Amran. Amran being the Father of Moses and Aaron. Isn't it strange that the Bible makes no mentioning of any priestly inheritance for the descendants of Moses. Moses inherited the Kingship and the Priests of Righteousness while Aaron was given the ritual Temple priesthood which served as monks.



To learn more of the teachings of (Amir) Ishaq Al-Sulaimani, you may visit his website at :

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Comment by Eemah Khephzybah on November 16, 2010 at 7:45pm
Now is that not the most intriguing lesson on forget Melchizedek but an incredible vista of Mosheh and Yahushua that you have ever heard? I have so many questions but I want to process this a bit more before I go to (Amir) Ishaq with my questions.
Comment by Malkuth HaShamiyim on November 17, 2010 at 9:22am
This is very rare and new information. I have read extensively on even Egyptian priests and pharoahs but never read this deep connective information. I do have the issue of Akhnaten here which I thought to be Mosheh. Now, Mr. Ishaq's explanation fills in timeline holes I had on that theory. Even the lion piece answers a question i had when i did some astrological work and the Leo was not aligned with Judah. I cannot remember where it was but I was so perplexed that I rejected the lesson. So, now I must search it out and review the data again. I agree with Sistah Khohmah that we do need to look at the teachings of the Quran more deeply just to get greater insight but do you think this kind of wisdom came from the Qu'ran?
Comment by Mama Wisdom on November 17, 2010 at 9:52am
Ok Sistahs did anyone get the part where Yeshua is the descendant of Mosheh. Now, did you ever wonder how could Mosheh's legacy end with his climb to the mountain? Or am i misreading this article?

Also does this study affirm that the Levites are descendants of Kemetic Priesthood? I think it does. Very interesting... let me re-read and return lol.
Comment by Na'omi Baht Yosef on November 17, 2010 at 10:20am
OK, so lets look at the Geneology of David....

1 The book of the ageneration of 1Jesus 2bChrist, the 3cson of David, 4dson of Abraham:

2 Abraham begot 1aIsaac, and Isaac begot 2bJacob, and Jacob begot 3cJudah and his 4dbrothers,

3 And Judah begot 1aPharez and Zarah of 2Tamar, and Pharez begot bHezron, and Hezron begot Aram,

4 And Aram begot Aminadab, and Aminadab begot Nahshon, and Nahshon begot Salmon,

5 And Salmon begot Boaz of 1aRahab, and 2bBoaz begot Obed of 3cRuth, and Obed begot 4dJesse,

6 And Jesse begot 1aDavid the 2bking. And David begot 3cSolomon of her who had been the 4dwife of Uriah,

now where does Mosheh come in?
Comment by Na'omi Baht Yosef on November 17, 2010 at 10:23am
The teacher above stated: <1. The Priest Kings who ruled in the Order of Melchizadok. These were to be the descendants of Moses' son Eliezar from this line came both David and Jesus.

I am not saying it is a false statement but I am trying to find the answer to it. How does Eliezar get to David?
Comment by nwabueze eleke on November 17, 2010 at 12:44pm

There is a new post in title "STRANGE BEING YOU KNOW NOT" Take a look at the King James version bible story of Hebrew 7 chapter record account of priesthood order of Melchizedek and then read and make your conclusion of the seal order of Melchizedek priesthood is all about as regard to "NATURE MADE "IDOL" UNIVERSAL FIGURE sex symbol image of perfection in one body language . It appear humanity never seem to mind history's verdict on them. Not any more . The unambiguous statement of NASA portray image of Africa as planet earth glorious spiritual head being host body of human race is in harmonic motion proper good sense of judgment with King James version bible story of Melchizedek priesthood order that now revealed secret thoughts of Rev 13:2 " BEAST COMING OUT OF THE SEA".INDEED, BY THIS THE SECRET THOUGHT OF MANY in organized religious society make belief of Church age and other divided minds is a clear indictment of Christendom legacy of spiritual fraud teachings of "white son of god for all mankind in Christ like image expectation of the second coming" and the focusing of attention on the occupied land of Palestine in Middle east created state of Israel that does not connect with the unfolding directed earth events of EZEKIEL 17:1-14 PROPHETIC FOCUS NATION.The church age clearly needs to be made to account for how only King James version bible story is applied in perpetrating spiritual fraud across the globe while destroying the ancient landmark of Africa glorious spiritual head being seal of Melchizedek that appears in the image and likeness of Nature made "IDOL" universal figure self belief of backward race culture and values in one body order compliant language in several generations.certainly the white -missionaries saw the use of King James version bible story teaching as opportunity to serve the "white stock" agenda that is in harmonic motion language judgment with 1884 Berlin conference breakup of Africa glorious spiritual head being image to a mere map continent geographical expression of "DIVIDE AND RULE". Not for once, one now can say, did King James version bible story gospel teaching see Africa portray image as a glorious spiritual head being host body of human race seal of Melchizedek?.
Comment by Eemah Khephzybah on November 18, 2010 at 8:06pm
I thank each of you for your contribution. Nwabueze, I thank you for the Spiritual interpretation on these discussions. It is most appreciated.
To all, the teacher of this lesson sends more information in response to our concerns. Ase ooooooo


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