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A celebration and teaching on the Resurrection of the Mother Principle in our Spiritual Walk as Daughters of God.

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There is No Life Without Our Goddess;
There is no Goddess without a God.

I have been wondering about the theme of this group : "A celebration and teaching on the Resurrection of the Mother Principle in our Spiritual Walk as Daughters of God."

What is meant by THE MOTHER PRINCIPLE?


Cultural Perspectives About the Mother Principle

Below Is A Lesson On The Female Gender In Genesis - The Hidden Power of the Bible by Dr. Will Coleman Ruach haQodesh "THE MOTHER PRINCIPLE IN TORAH" African Mother Pictures, Images and Photos

Click on the above title to hear an incredible view from Torah Keepers. This will be used for further discussions on this topic. The views are not so far from the African Mother Principle Perspective.


King David's Kinnor Is An Ancient Instrument for Healing The Spirit. Even in hospitals today, harp therapists heal the sick in spirit and in heart.


Wisdom Pictures, Images and Photos

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Comment by Eemah Khephzybah on April 21, 2009 at 6:02pm
Mother Rev. Norma I truly look forward to the lessons here. Blessings be upon you.... Oh.. you know I like pictures... May I suggest a few for this Group?
Comment by Rev. Dr. Norma J. Patterson on April 22, 2009 at 4:15pm
Greetings, Sisters:

In Minneapolis today it is absolutely gorgeous. the sun is shining so brightly and it is such a peaceful day. Where I reside over looks a beautiful park with walking paths and ponds scattered along the way. I have begun my walking ritual again, it is wonderful. I am really excited about prayer community, and my Sister/Mother Hephzybah's vision for it. All of the beautiful souls that she have acquired so far are all awesome and wise women. This group is one that I am looking forward to being a nurturing one for all of us, and for me, it is my hopes that I can glean from you Holy Ideas that can be incorporated in my ministry, which is so exciting, as we officially will be launching this spring. We are now a 501C3 non profit faith-based community, with our mission being able to empower our Urban Centers across America, Africa and Latin America through Social Entrepreneurship and Community Organizing. We plan to have our first "Garden of Eden Transformational Center for Women opened by Christmas of this year, offering massage therapy and other nurturing modalities, nutrition, fitness, spirituality, life coaching as well as supporting women in developing their own small businesses within their community. Your support will be very helpful, as you see fit to share your insights into the spiritual aspect of motherhood, family and community relationships. It is also my vision to have sisters like you to be available to come and be speakers, lecturers, etc. to our Centers or groups we have, once we get really going. Please visit our web at and also, check out our youth page at

As we move forward with the Holy Wedding series, I request your prayers that this group will be one of edification, faith building and empowering, as we move forward as the Virgins with the Oil to be able to Light the Souls of many, as we move out into God's Kingdom, bringing our sisters and brothers back home to our Father/Mother's house. The foundation of our sharing will be St. Matthews 25:1-13. My prayer is that as we study, meditate, pray and fellowship together, we will be One in Spirit and consciousness, with an open mind to learn new ways of looking at our calling, looking at our world, as we move and have our being in a multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-religious community. I believe and feel for myself this is one of the most exciting periods to be part of in history, as we are moving from an "Old Paradigm" of thinking to the New Age of "reason led by the Spirit of our Father/Mother God".

Please Sisters of Faith take time to read and really meditate on St. Matthew 25:1-13. Today is April 22nd. I would like to give you a few days to meditate of the scriptures, so let's say that we will meet back on Saturday, April 25 to share the gifts we will bring to the banquet table. I look forward to the sharing. Also, this is a prayer request I like for you all to bring to consciousness with me. We have invited the community to join us on a prayer walk and sacred studies sharing during the summer on Saturdays. Please hold in consciousness with me Our Father/Mother God drawing like minded souls together with us, to make this prayer walk a "powerful one", revolutionizing our community here in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota where I live. Also, pray with us Sisters of Faith, that these prayer walks will be one of our signatures in drawing communities together throughout, supporting the celebration of the One Spirit in Community, and many paths.

I feel so blessed to be part of this community of powerful Sisters that you are.

Peace and Blessings to each one of you - until next time, Love

rev. norma
Comment by Na'omi Baht Yosef on April 22, 2009 at 6:38pm
To The Most High is the Glory for I know this will be a great transformation for me. Thank you for this opportunity. Rev. Patterson. Peace.
Comment by Rev. Dr. Norma J. Patterson on April 25, 2009 at 2:11pm
Good Morning Sisters of Faith:

I first would like to thank Eemah Hephzybah for the beautiful pictures, the meditation page and the absolutely beautiful music she has added on to this page. I am sure we all have spent some time in prayer and research of Matthew 25:1-13 and we all have something enriching to share with each other. I am so excited to glean from you, your wisdom and insights from the heart, as we all move toward reaching out to our sisters bringing more and more of them into the fold of faith.

Today in Minnesota the sun is shining brightly, I have tuned into the birds talking to one another in their own language and watching my friends around me taking their daily walk around the walking paths. It is very serene here today. It is 11:49 a.m. our time here, so let us get started. As I stated this is interactive and I am looking so forward to continue to evolve in the wisdom I glean from you. I reflected on this passage through the King James Version of the Bible, the Amplified, Revised New Standard and the Revised Standard.

I feel blessed to be on this site, dealing with the Spirit and heart of women, particularly in today's world. So many things are occurring in our world that is affecting our women and children in such a seemingly negative world we have participated in creating consciously and unconsciously. I am so encouraged to know that God is calling out so many of His women to ministry with their breast plate of faith, and the shield of heart doing battle on the field of "consciousness" in this generation. I feel blessed that I grew up in a community where I was surrounded by women ministers, teachers, strong women that seem to be the strength of their families, holding them together. For me, I grew up in an all Black neighborhood, attended all Black schools, and attended an all Black church. When I married my late husband and I moved ourselves to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during the "turbulent sixties". I then became influenced by the "Black Muslims" when Malcolm X was the highlight of the time. This period of America history, in my opinion was the beginning of the transformation for America, what has led us to where we are today. We are now living in a multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-religious enlarged community, and we as faith women, are now, in my opinion are needing to begin to develop a "global consciousness" as we move in faith in God's Vineyard of today. I am thoroughly confident that God Spirit will reign, because all through all of the sacred writings left to us by the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of Ancient times is Universal, regardless of what banner it has been placed in. We know in today's world, it truly has become more complex which in many ways is good, and in many ways it has definitely affected the "faith" walk of many, regardless of what faith discipline we have chosen to pledge our allegiance to. More and more of our young people, regardless of what we profess as our faith, it is a challenge for them to commit themselves to something that they feel is "one dimensional" thinking. Our young people at an early age in their young undeveloped consciousness must contend with in a school setting where 43 different languages are spoken. This is really the first of the history of America, where I reside, that "religion" is no longer simple, no longer cut and dry. There is estimated 35,000 different Christian churches in America, several different disciplines of Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Goddess worship is on the climb, Satan Worshippers on the rise, gangs of every kind with their own form of religion, a New World order of globalization is taking shape right before our eyes. I yet in my sacred time and studies, am confident, that we who are feeling our lamps with oil, will be able to make it in and carry many with us before the door is closed.

I have chosen this passage of scripture to be used as our talking point, as we move forward in our study, to hopefully edify, educate, support and mobilize one another, to take into our communities the light that shines in darkness, gathering as many of God's virgins to be ready for the wedding day.

I know that you are all anxious to get into this study, I hope you will be patient with me, as I attempt to set the stage for our dialogue. I believe that we all have a mission we were sent here to do. Every ones calling is different, however, for the same purpose, gathering God's children together in the family of God.

I personally come from a very large family. It was 12 of my mothers siblings, they had children, then they children had children, etc. etc. When we all got together for family reunions, even before they became so popular, we had every element of life their from the super christian, the Marcus Garvy group (that is a whole "nurtha" story), the new Muslims, the non-believers, the "boozers, good time Charlies", you name it they were part of our clan. However, it seemed to me growing up, that no matter what we could disagree, we could stand our ground, yet through it all - we were "family" and in the midst of all of the seemingly chaotic things that went on during these reunions, there was the greatest element of all that stood out to me "LOVE", it was universal. As I grew up and had a family of my own, although I was not able to attend a lot of the family reunions, as the old patriarchs and matriarchs passed on, what I have learned as I look back on those days of growing up, I noticed in my life, that I had created the same tradition that was passed on to me, through my Mama's family.

This may at the time not seem very spiritual, but the reason, I am so fond of the New Testament, and believe me, I am a student of them all, because I take a "holistic approach" to the Word of Faith, because I learned for myself, that as my Mama's family legacy, I believe God is the same way. In the new testament, it tells me that My Father's House have many "mansions" not "rooms" but mansions. I take that as when I get home I will see in the spirit, my brother and sister, Muslims, Christians of every denomination, the prostitutes, the drug addict, etc. simply because the Father/Mother God loves us all. I believe Sisters?Mothers, that we are in a time where God is calling all of his servants together, to be able to join one another in such dialogues, that we can get past the "ego" "carnal" "reasoning" self, to see His Divine plan in bringing his children together again in One Mind, One Spirit, that we may be as the Virgins with the Oil to enter into His Kingdom, before the door is shut and one can't get in.

I can ramble, sometimes, however, I hope that you are bearing with me, because I believe we will have exciting times sharing with one another, learning from one another and growing together.

It is the time for us to usher in the Holy Mother's Spirit into the mix. We will talk about how, the Mother was buried under a lot of religiosity in the ushering in of the "Patriarchal" system of religion. I can tell you it will be an exciting Spiritual Archaeological dig we will be traveling together on. Just know that we are all "Warrior/Goddesses of Peace and Love in the spirit, and sometimes our Father most take the "foolish" things of the earth (carnal) mind, to get to the Spiritual food we need.

As we move forward, I am asking those that would participate, to share your story as I have shared a little bit about my family history, plus it is so much more I can and will share of me that is relevant to our study (smile). I believe in sharing our stories with one another, we will find that we are more a like than different, it empowers, heals, and give faith and confidence to one another in our individual ministries to do greater things in the Kingdom of our Father/Mother God. We will also be exploring Holy Weddings, seeing God work in all of them through the "Feminine" aspects of God, Isis with Osiris, Sarah with Abraham, Rebecca, Leah, Deborah, on and on. We will reveal to ourselves the "Power of the Feminine" that is being ushered into the world today, for just these times we are living in.

Now as we move forward into our dialogue together, for those who would like to participate, please share your comments on what you gleaned from Scripture verses of Matthew Chapter 25:1-3.

Also, I know you probably have, however, I am a newbie on the block, would you be kind enough to share some of your family history, your culture, you experiences to get you to the place you are at as a Minister, Eeman, Prophetess, Teacher (as I), to get you to the space you are in.

Share with us the vision that God has given to you in this hour of time we are living in, so that we can embrace your vision as our vision, building the Kingdom of God as his Daughters of God.

We will delve into the "exoteric versus esoteric" views of God. How God is restoring the Feminine side of himself in creating the Oneness in Spirit that He/She is drawing us all in. Oh what an exciting time we are in.

Again, I just thank Eemah Hephzybah for the wonderful work she is doing drawing all of God's women of faith together. Tell a friend, bring on a friend, and let us CELEBRATE LIFE TOGETHER, WORKING TO BUILD THE KINGDOM OF OUR FATHER ON EARTH.

Look forward to meeting you again on next Saturday.

peace, love and blessings,

your sister in spirit - rev. norma
Comment by Eemah Khephzybah on April 25, 2009 at 7:38pm
Blessings Family,
Thank you Rev. Norma for your very thougthful and wise discussion. Your family experience is much like my own. I love family very much. Until recent years, I saw no flaw in my beloved family. Suddenly, tragedy struck and things fell apart. My family has been in struggle every since to come together again... on the big scale. My mom too had 12 siblings and when her mother died.. my sister cousins and I had a wedge between us because our mothers had a wedge.. These were grim days for me because my family meant everything.. .As you said, with all of our differences we always had love. Now.. our children and their children have decided to bring back the family reunion (which I attended since I was a very young girl but it ended with Grandmom's death).

Today is interesting for us all. The majority of my family are Christians. My dearest friend since my primary school days is Muslim and she and I never let our religious difference have an impact upon our relationship. Now, I guess I am the rebel in the family as I claim closely to the restoration of Torah in the life of my family. I refer to the New Testament as the Renewed Covenant because I see the Scriptures as one. Interesting is that my own family grew up as Catholics... my siblings and I... This made us a bit different from the rest of our aunties and uncles and their families. My mother did so in order to put us in the Parish Schools. This experience caused me to question religion at an early age... I saw so much racism and injustice and abuse in Catholic Schools. Yet, later on I planned to become a nun but I had a praying grandmother :) Truly, I spent so much time with my grandmother and she was not at all pleased with such a vocation for her granddaughter. I became a very active Black Catholic and was highly impacted by all that happened in the Sixties. Yes, I was a revolutionary... the Angela Davis Afro and all :) It was as a Catholic that I knew from my readings that Yahushua of African origin and that most of the people in the bible were also of African origin. I used to cringe when a black preacher would refer to us as Gentiles and for black churches to have the European images of Jesus/Yahushua... Now, I never made all the connections until a year ago and I am still connecting. Now, Rev. Norma you touched on another topic that I struggled with a year ago... I decided to put it on the back burner until I was mentally ready to peruse and it was the fact that there is overwhelming evidence that much of our scriptures are duplicates of what was on the walls of Kemet. I know there is a logical explanation. Yet, no one thus far could share this. Now, I have my own theories and I will one day fully study and discern this... What I do know after all my years of living is that Jesus may be his Greek Name and not the one that the Most High gave him but I saw many blessings as a result of calling his name. Now, that I know this true name, I cherish it and I thank Father for His Grace to cover us while we were in darkness unknowingly. this is why many love the New Testament because the Love Principle is phenomenal and the Grace factor is astounding. What many fail to understand is that the Yahshua's walk and Gospel increased our accountability. So, I am perplexed when people say we are no longer under the bondage of the law. Torah was so much easier to maintain than the Gospel is. Agape Love takes something within you to perform. Much of Torah required outer works... Well, that is a long discussion for another time. It is easier for me to cover my head and be still on the seventh day, than it is for me to go out and help the helpless and to turn my cheek to the one who just destroyed my life dream. Now, I find myself praying for people who wanted to see my destruction. I did not have all that to do in Torah... Yet, this is now our new requirement in addition to keeping His Father's commandment. So now we have Ruwach who many refer to as our Mother or our Comforter. Without Ruwach Hakodosh, the commands of Love is impossible.

Wow... I did not intend to preach... In fact, I did not know I could lol.... I love this journey of sharing our paths. Sisters, let me say one more thing. As I journeyed into truths, Ruwach Hakodosh taught me how to chew the meat and spew out the bones. The bones were anything that my being was not prepared or willing to accept. Yet, I respect the paths that others walk on.

If you visit the Wilderness training Group... Manna 4 Mamma, you can hear my testimony of when my daddy died. It was then when being a Catholic no longer could sustain my needs... I needed something I never had before. i needed the Holy Spirit (Ruwach Hakodosh). I was lead to a tiny little Pentecost Church and even today, I cherish all of those there who carried me through my despair and restored a sense of faith within my triune. Like you Mother Rev. Norma, I could go on and on and on... but I will stop here for now....

Please know that you can add, change photos or music as you like Rev. Norma... If someone else has something special to share, you can post it as a discussion or tell Reve. Norma and she will post it for you.

Minister Shelli... when you have time and if Spirit leads, share more with us on your Paths... How did you interact, if at all with the turbalent years of the Sixties?

Sister AzaliYah Israel, if Ruwach leads , please share with us your journey into Truths of being a descendant of Israel. I did not get to go into that for myself yet... but it all began in October 2007 when I was lost iin the wilderness. I will share more later... Love and Peace to all of you....
Comment by Na'omi Baht Yosef on April 27, 2009 at 11:24am
Greetings Sistas. I am sorry I missed Saturday's greetings but I would like to share some of my experiences. I am 27 years old and I love history. I am a graduate student who will soon be away for International Studies. Not so long ago, I was a the lowest point of my life. I was on crack cocaine and it was Eemah's mother who saved my life. I call Eemah Chancellor because she was my employer and everyone at the school called her Chancellor. I will always thank Yah for all of her family because even though I had problems, Chancellor saw my potential and believed in me as a teacher. One night, her mother took me to register in a rehab place. It took hours and they sent us from one place to another but she never gave up that night until someone placed me in a bed. It was a long journey from the night but finally I made it through with the help of God. I am a Catholic. I was all my life and I am not yet ready to change but I do believe God's True name is YAHWEH. My problem with religion is that it is the reason why so many people have died over the years. I know that my church is the cause of so much of the violence. My own mother and I spend much time teaching many that even in the beginning of Christianity were many black martyrs. Today, I am learning that they were actually Hebrews. I visit many churches and last year I visited places with Chancellor but I am convinced that there is no true church or not even a true faith. Everyone picks and choses from the bible what they will believe in or allow in their church. I chose life. During my final days in rehab I chose life with God. I believe we must live right and we do not need a church to tell us how to live. We have God in us and in us knows right from wrong. Now, that I read my bible I do believe I should spend time with God on the Sabbath day. This does not mean I will go to any of those places and do all that ritual stuff. I go to Mass on Saturdays or I stay home and reflect with my bible. The one thing I believe is that we have to do something to help our people. We cannot just talke about Sabbath vs. Sunday or Jesus vs. Yahushua. We must help people. If each person help one problem, our world would be better. Many want to preach and teach. Only a few want to do true work in the kingdom. Thank you Rev. Patterson for your model of servance for the kingdom. You are another example of a Warrior of Yah's Chosen. Peace to all!
Comment by Eemah Khephzybah on April 29, 2009 at 1:36pm
Rev. Norma you never spoke of Indigenous people in Minnesota. Is there a large population of tribes there? I am studying Indigenous Spirituality as an intervention for serving troubled youth.
Comment by Rev. Dr. Norma J. Patterson on April 30, 2009 at 2:25pm
We have an abundance of indigenous people here in Minnesota. Many are my friends from the Lakota, Chippewa and other communities. We have a strong connection with the Native community, as we get IWN really moving and growing, we will be offering educational seminars/workshops for youth and their families around herbal remedies from all cultures represented in Minnesota, African, African Americans, Native, Asian and the Latino cultures. We have several within our network that will be sharing cultural remedies, spirituality, family systems, etc. As we evolve I will definitely keep you posted. If there is something immediately you would like to know about, let me know. I will attempt to pass it on to our network, to see what we can glean from them.

During the month of October, we will be hosting our Annual Children's Sabbath Weekend in partnership with the National Children's Defense Fund, and our focus will be on the contributions of the Native American and African Culture in the building of America. We will be including spirituality, herbal remedies, food, family systems, arts, culture, etc. When we finalize everything, I will forward to you our brochure of activities when we get it ready. Again, if there is information you immediately need, please email me the specifics of what you would like to know.
Comment by Rev. Dr. Norma J. Patterson on May 2, 2009 at 3:27am
Good morning my sisters! I am preparing for two of my grandchildren that usually spends Saturdays with me. They are very active 6 and 7 year olds. Inquisitive and adventurous, I am getting my quiet time in now, to give my attention to them when they come.

In Minnesota we are promised to have a glorious weekend. The past few days have been rainy and chilly. However, the times that are dry and when the sun peaks out, I try to get in my daily walk. Just being out and enjoying the air is so intoxicating to me. We all have been bombarded with the news of the Swine Flu epidemic, and I am blessed to believe all of God's faithful ones are hidden from this epidemic, giving us good health in the midst of any epidemic or warfare that may try to come near us.

I so enjoyed everyones input in our last Saturday's session. My soul was blessed, and more ideas perked in my consciousness as I read through everyone's testimony. I saw such a theme of power running through everyone's thoughts. How Spirit crosses over the "diversity of religious cultures, honoring the Hebrew faith, the Christian doctrine, etc.- I gleaned the Holy Spirit being so active in all of us.

I was so blessed in remembering the sixties, Minister Shelli shared with us, and the compassion in her heart with her feedback she left, with such well of wisdom. I give all praises to the Holy Spirit that allowed our Sister "Warrior for Yah" shared with us. I can truly say I felt her spirit, her love and commitment to a new way of thinking about herself, her love and her working to be confidently in the part of the virgins with their flasks filled. With Eemah, she is such a blessing to all of us with her wisdom and commitment to her faith walk, sharing so much love that was a testament to her given by our sister "Warrior for Yah. I do vision many more sisters that will be joining us, as this will be a powerful "faith network" for many women from a diverse community in which we are now living in. My sisters, I feel blessed being among you. I too, as Minister Shelli shared with us, had so many fond memories of the Sixties era. It was turbulent times for many, yet a time that was ushering in a new consciousness, no longer black or white, red or blue political states, etc., as we are presently experiencing in the age of GLOBALIZATION AND DIVERSITY OF CULTURES.

For some of us it is exciting, for others uncertainty is part of their dialogues, and for others outright "fear". Which brings me to invite everyone in for our continued discussion of verses 1-5 of St. Matthews 25. I am pulling the text this week from the NEW REVISED STANDARD VERSION OF THE HOLY BIBLE. Again, I tell you I am enjoying the power of the Spirit from all of you, I am looking forward to your testimonies of faith, your wisdom, and the continuing of Divine Love that flows through all of you.

Here goes: The Parable of the Ten Brides maids - Then the kingdom of heave will be like this. Ten bridesmaids took their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish, and five were wise. When the foolish took their lamps, they took no oil with them, but the wise took flasks of oil with their lamps. As the bridegroom was delayed, all of them became drowsy and slept.

Question: Why do you feel this parable is focused on the "ten bridesmaids", and not the bride?

Question 2: Why do you feel the bridegroom was delayed?

Question 3: What was the kind of oil in the flasks of the five wise bridesmaids? What do you feel was missing out of the five foolish bridesmaids' flasks?

Question 4: In today's world we are living in, what are some of the ways we as "daughters of God", "daughters of Faith", can help support nourishing the souls of our bridesmaid in such a multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-religious community we are now blessed to be evolving in?

Let us remind one another this is in the Spirit of Divine Love as we share, for in my opinion and at the level of my walk, as Jesus stated of the woman caught in adultery, when all of her accusers had to walk away, when Jesus asked this very simple question, "who among you have not sinned cast the first stone"? It states that they all looked at one another, and one by one turned and walked away. Of course he did not just leave the woman caught in adultery to continue the act, but turned to her and stated "go and sin no more"! So we are here, I trust to edify and to build up, for the world we continue to move and have our being is constantly feeding ideas within our consciousness to continue to look at our "nakedness". I want to reiterate the dialogue that we have strengthens me and gives me new ideas, as manna to my soul, as I continue to await the arrival of the bridegroom, preparing in consciouness for the Bridegrooms return.

I like to share some of the insights on my journey to consciousness. for I confess as Apostle Paul shared in his testimony, "for I was lost and now I am found", I as Norma Johnson-Patterson, continue to press toward my high calling of faith. I have been one of the virgins without oil in my lamp for, as I look at these different passages, I know that Jesus always talked to his broader audiences in parables, for many were not conscious enough to eat meat (Truth), and many had to continue to be fed the milk of the word. The symbol for me of the five virgins symbolize the unconsciousness for many of us not realizing that we are created in the image and likeness of God as assured us in Genesis chapter One. The Master Creator, created all of us male and female in His image and His likeness, therefore, As I have grown in consciousness, my belief system has did a paradigm shift with my knowing that I know, I am one of my Father's "God-ling" on this side of earth, working out my soul salvation until I am called home with the Father proud to put my robe on my shoulders, and my ring on my finger as he did the prodigal son, which we all are in human flesh. As far as my conscious understanding, many feel that teachings we study whatever fait discipline that may be, depicts a human man or woman as the sacred writings uses to share with us the relationship between the Unity of Spirit and Soul, the embodiment of male or female marriage within all of us walking the earth. Many of us are walking around floundering in our faith walk, because we do not recognize that the sacred writings we are students of does not talk to us in the form of "earthly human beings", but as Spiritual Offsprings of God, through "soul language". A language that only soul (the feminine aspect of God) understands passing it on to our Intellectual self, the outer soul of ourselves we in modern times have named our Ego nature.., creating within us the One Power, (omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence) and the Oneness of Mind.

I was raised up most of my life under fundamentalism, which we all may have participated in, I learned to practiced all the do's and don'ts. I was nurtured by so many spiritual mothers and fathers within the church structure, and within my community and school I felt love by those around me, and was sheltered for a while, I will tell other parts of my story as I go along, because there were the darkside of life I experienced, to understand what the light side of the world is, I continue in the human flesh that my soul and spirit is in continue to war against it, as Paul, as well as Jesus himself often spoke about as they walked among there peers of the time.

I thank God for both the experiences of the darkness, as well as His Light continuing to shine through me, the fire continuing to do Its pruning work in Consciousness, as I continue to fill my oil lamp. I realized as I continue to walk out of my grave clothes, (the mental thought patterns taught me by others) and continue to dress my Consciousness in new clothing, ( a new way of thinking, a thinking as my Father thinks), I will be ready for the bridegroom's arrival for me to go back with Him when He comes for me. For me, I am looking forward to continuing to prune those hidden crevices within my soul, that is unlike my Father at this time, continuing to be more open and receptive to My Father's voice inside of me directing and ordering my footsteps, leading me, and guiding me into all of His Truths.

I personally have long given up to what use to be my biggest hang up, (living out the 5 bridesmaid with no oil consciousness), I have chosen to walk and have my being in His Love, not concerned about what others are thinking about me, or what others are doing. I have learned by much trial and error, the only one that you can truly save, is Yourself. In my opinion I continue to see myself, as both the 5 with oil and the 5 bridesmaids without oil. I can't bring salvation to anyone, and I can't to salvation from anyone, I have learned in my path to my glorified life, to realize each of us have a journey of self discovery of who we are in the Holy Spirit regardless of what name we have chosen to give to this Incredible Force inside of us all, continuing to court us and woo us into His court with praises, constantly experiencing in both spirit and soul, working toward my Holy Wedding with the Bridesgroom. Have I arrived yet in preparing me to go with him, I can honestly say that I have not totally been pruned, and yet as I wait, I continue to work toward becoming one of the bridesmaid that will be part of this magnificent Holy Wedding. I constantly more and more can experience the presence of God, which is allowing me to walk more and more in His presence. I continue to humble myself in thought, continuing to do self examination, working to let go any "ideas" that does not edify my thoughts and my feelings that also do not separate me from my love for the Father, because I know without a shadow of a doubt that He loves me, and I am working each and everyday to love Him and be in His presence as much as He loves me and wanting to be in presence. Oh, what a glorious courtship I am having with my Beloved Bridesgroom. This quest that I am on, is well worth the ride. John 4:24: I, God am Spirit and you must worship me in Spirit and In Truth. Oh beloved, Father, the Father of all, the Master builder of my soul. On this day, I humble myself, seeking your face, asking you each and everyday, to continue to water us with your spirit, to prune up with your Holy Fire, all of the ideas that have been planted in our minds over the course of our years on earth, continuing to birth and raise up in us a renewed spirit, that we may walk, talk and act as You, our Great Leader, leading us in the path of righteousness, creating within us a clean heart which will not allow us to error against you. Teach us to love as you have commanded us to do, to love you with all of our heart and soul, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. We know dear Father, creator of all, many of us are in stages of infancy, no matter how many years we have claimed to have been walking with you, we all continue to fall short of your glory, as we examine ourselves, if we harbor anger which is a form of hatred toward any of our brothers or sisters that we see, we cannot love You. If we turn our heads away from helping someone along the way that does not look as we do, smell as we do, talk as we do, pray as we do, choose a different path of discipline of taith that does not meet the standard of what we believe, that our love is only words, not from the heart. Oh heavenly Father, teach us to allow ourselves to be become fare before you, as you continue to cleanse both our hearts and our minds, that we will have been purged of all of the "world thoughts" that have accumulated in our mind, and we can see all humanity as sons and daughters of God. Thank you Father for your love, and teach us to love and prayer as you have left through your son Jesus Christ our teacher in the modern world of thought, "Our Father which are in Heaven Holy is your name, you Kingdom come on Earth, as it is in Heaven, give us this day our daily bread, for give us our debt as we forgive our debtors. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for YOU ARE THE POWER WITHIN ALL OF US, and the glory for ever. Amen. Amen.

This week I declare for you and myself, all of the prayers that we have placed before the altar of our heart will manifest at the exact hour that is NOW! I have learned one thing in life, "OUR FATHER LOVES HIS DAUGHTERS", WE ARE SPECIAL HE CREATED EACH ONE OF US TO BE THE PORTAL WHERE ALL IN HIS IMAGE MOST ENTER THIS WORLD WE CALL EARTH! OH WHAT A BLESSING WE ARE!


My praise report. I have finalized our proposal to be sent out to funders and interested individuals that would like to work with us nationwide in creating a "POVERTY FREE WORLD WHERE ALL CHILDREN CAN THRIVE". We had three more families to join us this week in our global missions ministry, and we are thanking and praising God for all of the needs to be met for our ministry, and to draw all of the souls into the net that want to be Saved in all areas of their lives, wanting to be the virgin bridesmaid of the coming of our Lord, the return of Our Father for all of His children.

Be SO BLESSED THIS WEEK MY SISTERS UNTIL YOU HAVE NO CAUSE TO BE DISTRESSED. Our missions challenge for this week is to hug at least 10 children this week other than your family members. Let us begin to reach out more to our children.

Love, Peace and Joy,

rev. norma
Comment by Rev. Dr. Norma J. Patterson on May 2, 2009 at 3:46am
Sisters in Faith:

I just sent our discussion for Saturday. There are errors that I will correct, I will edit sometime during Saturday or Sunday. It is almost 3:00 a.m. Minnesota time. My eyelids are quickly closing up. There are several, I believe you will grasp what I had to say from my mind, but it did not connect with the paper (smile). I know you all will love me anyway.

Love You All,

Your sister in Minnesota


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